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Sherry Serafini

Unusual objects and shapes become part of a new story as Sherry stitches beads and gemstones, one at a time, to a felt like base.  Most pieces are born spontaneously as the beads and Sherry’s imagination dictate the design.  She seldom works from sketches.  Sherry finds this meditative form of art to be a rich counterpoint to a society full of instant gratification.  Some pieces take a year to complete.  Each is unique.
Sherry was raised in a military family, moving every few years.  She credits that nomadic lifestyle with giving her an adventurous and uninhibited approach to her work.
Sherry was voted one of the top 10 instructors in the United States by Bead & Button magazine. She lectures and teaches throughout the U.S. and has won numerous awards for excellence in design, including Saul Bell Outstanding Jewelry Design Award, Bead International 2006, People’s Choice Bead Dreams, Runner Up Best in Show Bead Dreams, Kennedy Best of Nationally.  She has been published and has written articles for several well-known magazines.  Her work has been featured on the covers of trade magazines and catalogs and is the co-author of the Art of Bead Embroidery with artist and dear friend Heidi Kummli and Sensational Bead Embroidery by Sherry Serafini.
Sherry’s beaded art is known internationally and is owned and worn by Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz,  and singer Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. Her beadwork has been seen at fashion week in Milan by the artists who commission her.

Liisa Turunen


Liisa threaded her first beading needle back in 1994. Beading as a hobby, she went on to become a massage therapist, esthetician, and got her nursing degree in Finland, but in 2006 beads wove her back in. Since then she has spent her time fully submerged in beads! She has been working professionally as a designer and teacher since 2006. Liisa has taught at the Bead & Button and Bead Fest shows. Along with beads her other major obsession is with cats often volunteering in her local shelter and fostering kittens! Cats have been her biggest inspiration in her designing process. And just like cats, her designs are known for being classic, ageless, and graceful.... with a few hairballs thrown into the mix.
Liisa was named one of Beadwork magazine's Designers of the Year in 2014.

You'll Never Bead the Same!

September 14 - 17, 2017

Heidi Kummli
​Heidi started playing with beads in the mid-seventies, and like her Chippewa great grandmother who also did beadwork, she listened to her heart and the beadwork just seemed to flow, making a spiritual connection with the universe. 
The beadwork Heidi creates is a reflection of her surroundings; by incorporating animals and natural stones in her work she feels she brings healing into the world.
Heidi feels fortunate to have found Shamanism and has practiced since 2012. She feels this was like a coming home, and from the very first unit on cleansing it felt familiar to her. Shamanism brought all of her life’s beliefs and knowing into one.
Heidi has written two books The Art of Bead Embroidery published in 2007 with dear friend Sherry Serafini and, The Spirit of Bead Embroidery published in 2012. Heidi has won over 31 awards in her 35-year career as a Bead artist. She teaches private workshops on bead embroidery and Shamanism in her mountain studio, throughout the year.